Language program presentation

Our philosophy

Saints John and Paul school puts a strong emphasis on the study of foreign languages. Our aim is to have all our students be able to interact, enjoy, and better understand the culture of the language they study, whether French or Spanish.


Research shows that early language learning improve cognitive abilities and correlates with higher academic achievement on standardized test measures. It also improves linguistic awareness and the students’ ability to hypothesize in science. Learning a foreign language will open new opportunities for your children.


When they reach high school, our students enrolled in French and Spanish are typically placed in advanced language courses. Our Fluent French students have already taken AP French Language and Culture, as well as SAT French with listening, and have scored extremely well. They have already earned college credits and are ready to start a new language.


We also offer DELF /DALF preparation classes. DELF B2, along with an American high school diploma, open the doors to most French Universities.


Why Spanish?

Why French?

Élèves francophones

AP French Language and Culture, SAT French with listening, DELF/DALF